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    How do you link Adobe Draw with InDesign?


      Hello all,


      I'm kind of an amateur, and I've been making posters/pamphlets using Adobe Draw to draw simple graphics, and then importing into Illustrator to add text and format.


      However, I've had several people tell me I'm better off using InDesign if I'm doing things like pamphlets. I believe them, but I don't know how to get Adobe Draw files into InDesign without importing it into Illustrator first. I work for a non-profit, and we don't have the money to be paying for 2 programs if Illustrator is only used as a passageway between Draw and InDesign.


      Is there a better way of doing things? Am I better off just buying a tablet and drawing directly into InDesign?


      Thanks, any advice would be most welcome.

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          Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have a full Creative Cloud account? If so then you would already have access to InDesign as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. As I understand Draw you are able to import from the Draw mobile app right into Illustrator. From there you would save the Illustrator file as an.ai file and it is then ready to bring into InDesign. InDesign is much more suited for laying out pamphlets because it is designed as a page layout program with a lot more flexibility for that task than Illustrator. It is something that, as with most computer software, you should find either a course or some videos to learn at least the basics before proceeding.

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            JonathanArias Adobe Community Professional

            I use adobe draw for print projects and web. I push it to illustrato, save it as an illustrator file, and place on my photoshop file or I design, for photoshop I keep it as a smart object.


            lynda.com has an adobe draw tutorial that is great and it shows you how to bing down the path number since draw can make way more path points than you want. Here:

            Adobe Draw for Illustration

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