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    Photos shown as duplicates in Lightroom mobile

    Luc Brentener

      Hello !


      I have Lightroom mobile installed on both my ipad and iphone. I also use the Apple Photos app via the cloud, so when I take a photo with my iphone, it will also be shown on my ipad.


      Lightroom mobile is configured on both devices to auto import the photos from the camera roll. When I take a new photo on my iphone, I see the photos twice on Lightroom mobile (one named with the original filename and one as Copy1). On Lightroom desktop on my mac, I can see a folder named Synced Duplicates. When I delete these photos, all the duplicates will be removed on all devices.


      My guess is that the duplicates are virtual copies. How can I prevent Lightroom mobile to show my photos twice (as original and virtual copy) ????