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    Camera doesn't Work


      I want to use this software,but the camera doesn't work.

      here is the screenshot:


      I'm using Notebook computer.This camera is the built-in camera.

      I reinstall the software and graphics driver. but this issue still happen.

      what should I do?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hmm that's a new one to me - my best guess is there's something with the camera that isn't supported. What type of notebook is it? Do you have any specs on what type of camera it is as well?

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            JackMyth Level 1

            My notebook is Acer Predator G9-791 .In my memory my camera can work with a previous version.

            About the camera....I don't know anything about it.

            All software can work with the camera except Character Animator.Character Animator can detect the camera but can not get any image.

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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              Do you have another application that's currently using the webcam (e.g., Skype, video capture device, etc.) at the time you launch Character Animator? Contention with another application that wants to use the webcam might be a possible cause. Try quitting other applications including ones that might be running in the background that might use the webcam, then restarting Character Animator to see if that helps.

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                JackMyth Level 1

                Thanks For Your help , but it doesn't work . I'm sure there are no application using this camera. My camera have a LED. if camera is being used it will light. So I'm sure the camera is not  being used  when I open character Animator .

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                  Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                  Is this a built-in webcam or one connected via USB?


                  If you use the Switch to Next Camera or Switch to Default Camera commands in the Camera & Microphone panel's menu (the three lines next to the panel's title), does it show any notification about switching cameras?

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                    JackMyth Level 1

                    It is a built-in webcam.

                    I use Switch to Next Camera command,It says Only Detected one camera.Use Switch to default camera command and it says switch to camera 1,but still can not get any image.

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                      Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                      Hmm, strange. If you do have another application (Skype, etc.) using the webcam, then launch Character Animator, do you see a message in that panel that says "Camera busy"?


                      I'm assuming you don't have a spare USB webcam available for testing to see if it's just that specific model of built-in webcam?

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                        JackMyth Level 1

                        if I open “Camera” Application first, I can see image in it.But when I open Character Animator, I don't see the "Camera busy" Message.

                        if i open Character Animator First,I can not see any image.When I open "Camera" Application,"Camera Application" Give me "Camera busy" message.


                        I don't have spare USB webcam,so I install a virtual camera and it works fine.

                        I will try to find a previous version and see if it can work with my camera.