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    Generate fails with Mark of the Web

      Warning new Rh user
      With that disclaimer out of the way maybe someone can help me figure out this problem. It isn't critical. I am actually running a trial version of Rh7 on an offline laptop and using a tutorial document to try and learn the tool.
      The laptop is using IE7. One of the scenarios is to generate WebHelp SSL with and without the 'mark of the web' setting.
      When the setting is unchecked I receive the warning about scripts and ActiveX, but my Help content is displayed and I can navigate through it.

      However when I check the 'mark of the web' option and generate my SSL even though the warning no longer is displayed I only see my default topic and no other content. The tabs (Content, Index, Search) display but do not have any content or function. I'd appreciate any help or guidance.