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    Exported file is shorter


      Hi all,


      I Edited a video of about 17 mins long but when Iexport it to an MP4 it's 3 minutes too short, the video just stops at 14 minutes. I edited a lot of videos and this is the first time this happens. What could be the problem?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Does the light gray Work Area Bar along the top of the timeline cover your entire movie?


          If so, which version of the program are you editing on what operating system?


          What model of camcorder is your original footage coming from? What format and resolution is that video?

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            emveha67 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            thanks for your reply.

            -Yes, the light gray work area bar is covering the entire movie.

            -I'm using PE 15.0 on a HP Pavilion laptop with windows 10.

            -I'm using videos from a Garmin Virb action cam (MP4, 1920x1080), and videos from other cameras (Pentax WG3, MOV, 1280x720), iPhone (MOV, 1920x1080) and a Sony Handycam HDR CX240 (MP4, 1280x720).

            This morning I restarted my computer and restarted APE. I played back the part where the exported video stopped and for some reason APE stopped playing at that exact point, no idea why. I dragged back the cursorline (red line) and played it again and then it kept on playing right to the end. So again I exported the file but now it stops at 16 minutes (total duration should be 17 minutes).

            I'm covering a motorcycletrip through the Himalayas and everyone shared their footage with me so as you can see I'm using all kinds of files. I have edited 5 videos (one video for each day) from this trip already with the same kind of files, no problems at all so I really would like to know what am I doing wrong...

            Below a link of the last video I edited with no problems...


            Enfield Himalaya Challenge 2017, dag 5 - YouTube


            Thanks again!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              What processor does your computer have and how much RAM? How much free, clean, defragmented space is on your hard drive?

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                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Zoom in closely and make sure that there isn't a small gap of empty space in your timeline.

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                  emveha67 Level 1



                  I work on a laptop, I bought it just 2 weeks ago:

                  HP Pavilion 17-ab200nd

                  Processor: Intel Core i7

                  RAM: 8 GB

                  C: 100 GB used, 18 GB free

                  D: 161GB used, 758 GB free

                  I don't know how to check how much is clean or defragmented, I run defragmentation about once a month.


                  Bob, sorry no gaps, thanks for the tip.


                  I did an export on the file again and now it's OK, i didn't change anything in the edit...