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    Slow Rendering time?


      I am having what I believe to be slow render times.

      Like if I press space and play it after applying effects it play jittery as it renders unless it's something really minor. Is this just the way it is?


      System is:


      Ryzen 1800x stock custom liquid cooled loop

      32gig at 2600mhz

      Samsung 960 Pro m.2 main drive.

      Samgsung 850 evo as secondary drive.

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          ButterToast Level 1

          I am new to AE and Premiere so I may be doing something wrong.



          Oh forgot to mention I am running dual RX480s 4gig models.

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            dmanzeno Level 1

            At the bottom of the composition panel (the panel that shows your video), there is a drop box menu where you can choose your render quality. Choose quarter and it should render and play faster. Hope this helps.

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              After Effects works differently to NLEs like Premiere Pro, which are designed to play smoothly as much as possible.  After Effects renders every frame and stores it in RAM for playback.  As dmanzeno says above, lower your render quality to reduce the rendering load to see things faster.  But, depending on the complexity of your project, it may NEVER play in realtime prior to rendering.  The standard workflow in AE is to minimise your playback area as much as possible, reduce preview resolution if possible, and to wait until a playback render has completed and been stored before watching.

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