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    Help for Veterans


      I'm a vet seeking to teach illustrative arts to veterans most likely disabled, and I want to see if Adobe would be willing to provide software either as donation or at a much reduced price, but I seek software on disk with multiple license for use only at VA approved sight.  I use a new style of of image development for creating hand crafted pictures from a photograph or picture clip...using photoshop to resize and touch up image for developing clarity and details. These images are then hand crafted by transfer methods using hand meterials example say colored pencil to a paper media,  I show samples of how the final painted image can look like google L3arts  and look for Larry Truex Flickr photostream...hand art work is near the end after photographs...you will see art works in pen-ink, and colored pencil...all done using this method I will teach to veterans.  I seek the opinion or suggestions from the community as my belief is the benefit is high for the vet, his family and community life through this form of art expression even for severely limited and handicapped individuals.  Kind regards

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a public forum.


          You will have to contact Adobe directly:

          Contact us | Adobe

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional
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              rayek.elfin Level 4

              Hi Larry,


              Wouldn't it be much more (financially) accessible, both for your classes and for the vets you teach after the classes finish, to use open source / free software instead? For the type of art you'd like to demonstrate Krita works just as well. Many types of effects (more than Photoshop ships with).




              Or Paint.NET or GIMP would also be options.


              For vector illustration, Inkscape and GravityDesigner would be available (Inkscape also offers a nice bitmap to vector conversion).

              Gravit Designer



              And a number of great Lightroom RAW processing alternatives exist:

              RawTherapee Blog

              Photivo - Photivo

              darktable | the photo workflow software


              This way you avoid that any additional financial burden is put on anyone's shoulders. When your students wish to continue making their own work, no need for them to add that extra monthly Adobe subscription cost.

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                larryt21189041 Level 1

                This is my first experience both as a teacher and using the forum, please bear with me.  I'm just a vet with some art skills, and used Photoshop CS5 successfully to create pictures that were posted photo (photographed images) on my Flickr Photostream site that was made while I was in college taking the course...I only post here to seek suggestions (thank you to those with response) and I will study these suggestions to see if they offer a better way to achieve the same result. I have not kept up with the technology changes and will seek to look at the suggestions to find how they could benefit both the teaching of the art, and can they be available for the veteran after he or she finishes the class of study.  It would make me feel great if those I teach were inspired to take classes on the latest technology of photoshop and related software....I took my classes at TSTC Waco, TX. and enjoyed the study very much.  I do this as a free service and am not a paid teacher.   Kindest regards to you all  Larry  

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                  Nexahs1138 Level 4

                  From what I seen before, Adobe offer discounted prices to some organizations, but if you are teaching this then you could go with the student and teacher pricing which is about $190 for the first year, but if you need multiple licenses then you can go with Adobe elements as that uses licence keys like the Creative Suite collections instead of the subscription of Creative Cloud.

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                    rayek.elfin Level 4

                    Teaching Adobe software is part of my profession, and I've been doing it for a LOOONG time. If your students would be using the software to find jobs in the design industry, then I'd be the first to say that you'd better stick with Adobe's Photoshop.


                    However, in this case that is not so important, I feel. Since you are doing this as a volunteer and unpaid, I'd say just download one or two of the free alternatives, and teach with those. Or find a location to teach where Adobe software is installed, and they'll allow you to use that.


                    What kind of location do you have in mind when teaching? Will the students bring their own laptops, or are computers available with Adobe software, or not?