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    Renaming files in LR help

    Mari Jo Dorris

      Hello Y'all,
      New at Lightroom so going through the school of hard knocks.


      -Imported CR2's and converted to DNG files.
      -After culling images I renamed them for client to choose from keeping the DNG format. However I sent clients exported JPG's to review and came back with their choices.


      I found the renamed DNG's on my external drive. I tried to important renamed DNG's back with all the original untitled DNG's files, but getting error they are duplicates.  Which I understand.

      How would you resolve this issue without losing my renamed DNG files. I need those files because then I know which images to work on from clients choices.


      How would you approach this process of setting up folders in LR from the beginning with clients. A consistent workflow from beginning to end.


      Thank you ahead of time for your help.