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    InDesign 2017 very slow to save and import images


      Hello All,


      I have just started using InDesign 2017 as I was having some issues with my file in InDesign 2015 and I was hoping changing would fix them but it has only introduced further problems. I was having issues with my document having fatal errors and InDesign would quit, when my document reopened everything was there as there didn't seem to be a problem. I have saved my file as an IDML file and reopened - I have created a new master document and copied my pages over from my previous document but I can't seem to fix this problem. I have a 96 page catalogue that would have 20-30 images per page and the same amount of text boxes. All images are either AI, EPS, PSD, TIFF or JPEG - almost all Photoshop files either have transparent backgrounds and saved as PSD files or have clipping paths and saved as TIFF, almost all Illustrator files are saved as AI with a couple of older ones still remaining as EPS. I do have the odd Photoshop EPS with a clipping path and the odd low resolution JPEG file.


      After opening my file in InDesign 2017 at first I thought everything was great but then I noticed when I saved it takes twice as long as usual and when I place images in my document I select the image I want and then I get the spinning ball for about 20-30 seconds before I get the little preview image so that I can place the image.


      If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.


      Thanks Tania