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    Problem Opening RAW file in Photoshop from Lightroom

    tony-st Level 1

      Following the latest update of PS, and Camera RAW I am having trouble with opening RAW files in PS from Lightroom.


      I am working on a disktop and laptop, I updated the desktop, and all seemed to go well, and I thought it was working fine. I then updated the laptop and had a problem with PS with an arror message " The was a problem with Generator, Please quite PS, and try again, If this persits try removing any third party plug-in, and reinstalling PS. I tried removal and installed again but had the same problem until I choose not to save settings, it then installed and opend without the error message.


      I went to open a RAW file from Lr and that is when I noticed that it did not open in the RAW file editor in PS. Thinking this must be a glitch in my laptop following the problems during the update I went to mt desktop, and that has the same problem.

      If I open the containing folder, and choose open in PS, it open in RAW file editor, if I sellect "filter-camera raw filter" thats all fine. Has anyone else had this problem, or is there a glitch in the latest updates?

      I am using windows 10 on both computers