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    Restart without changes made in current session?


      When I opened LR, it showed missing folders.  I changed folder locations outside lightroom by accident. When I reconnected dialog and reselected a photo to fix folder location, dialog said "image name different", but were exactly the same, "XXXXnumber", so I clicked proceed. All images  in that folder disappeared.  A later check showed original was XXXXnumber RAW and JPEG while the photo I had selected  just the XXXXnumber, a RAW format, so LR dumped the whole folder.

      1.  How can I restart this session with the starting catalog that does not have the photos removed, then get the right matchup?  If I just reimport, I will lose all editing changes, or at least I will lose the editing history to show me where I was.  Sure wish LR had an "undo" button.

      2. How do I reconnect in the future when I don't know the original was listed as both "RAW & JPEG" and the photo I picked was the RAW version.