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    Seeking an alternative to my defunct copy of Photoshop CS.




      I apologize, but I have searched for an answer to this for ages and just spent 1 hour on Live Chat with an agent who disconnected on me after spending the majority of our time together not understanding my questions, responding to me with the same answer repeatedly and not listening to a word I said. I'm not trying to be bitter or angry, I just desperately want a solution, please and thank you to all who read or find this.


      I have a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS.

      I have found the "Activation Server Unavailable" troubleshooting page on this site's help pages.

      I have proceeded to download Photoshop CS2 from the link on that page.

      Now, it's asking me for a Serial Number. Believing that this was a solution for CS users who are unable to activate their product, I assumed I could use my CS code to activate it.


      It didn't work. That's fine. That's also when I signed in to try live chat with the support staff.


      After an hour of this agent sending me to this page repeatedly: "Activation server unavailable" error in Adobe CS2, Acrobat 7, and Audition 3

      my agent refused to acknowledge my questions about how the process was supposed to work, they repeatedly told me to "try it to see what happens, if not you can upgrade download cloud something" (I apologize, but at that point their sentences were completely unintelligible), ignoring the multiple times I told them, "I have already tried it."


      So here I am, an hour later, as ignorant as I was when I started, still out a copy of Photoshop and an hour of my time/patience.


      Am I missing something? Is there a serial number provided in the download I'm not seeing?


      Even with this not working and not finding any answers, I was willing to pay to upgrade if possible and the agent couldn't even tell me if it was possible to purchase a CS > CS2 upgrade, even though CS is end-of-life (as the upgrade was offered previously, if I understand this situation).


      If anybody could provide me help or links to my specific questions as I'm not tech-savvy enough to find the answers myself, I would be extremely grateful for the help.

      Thank you for your time.