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    Raw files not recognized, preview not available, Canon 80D?


      Hey guys,


      I recently purchased a Lightroom CC subscription. I have a 80D and I click pictures in RAW. For some reason when importing from SD card, lightroom says, preview not available. I still go ahead and import them and it then says files not recognized. I have Photoshop also and it recognized the files without any problems. Here is the list of things I have tried based on reading the forums,


      1. Uninstall and reinstall Lightroom.
      2. Make sure Lightroom and Camera RAW plugin are on the latest versions. (They are).
      3. Copied files to local storage and then tried to import them, still the same results.
      4. Formatted the SD card in camera.
      5. Changed SD card to make sure SD card was not the issue.
      6. Reset all my camera settings.
      7. Also purged cached in Preferences.


      Will be happy to share logs and any other technical details if needed.

      Could use some help, thanks guys.