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    How to sync LR mobile automatically to iPhone Camera Roll in both iPhone LR and iPad LR?

    SausalitoDog Level 3

      The question isn't as skillfully presented as I wish it to be...here's what I want to do (and I think it can be done but for the life of me can't figure out how):


      I want to have my iPhone Camera Roll automatically be synced/mirrored in LR mobile (on both the iPhone and iPad - and LR online) to reflect shots made, edited and deletes.


      I have mobile LR syncing fine with collections on my desktop. I have the desktop files in dropbox and have been using the LRcat on MBP and iMac successfully for a few years and I don't care too much whether the Camera Roll folder goes to the desktop LR or not. But I definitely don't want to risk some crazy mistake upsetting my setup on LRcc.


      I really haven't made much use of mobile LR but with this last update it looks to be terrific and what I want to do is make photos with my iPhone and edit them with my iPad as a regular workflow...but having to transfer each file is a complication I would like to eliminate...






      PS...I've read a lot of the posts on similar topics and have deleted all of my Camera Roll on the iPad and do have the latest version installed, my LRcc is subscription and updated; I'm using an iPhone 7plus and iPad pro 10.5" - both with latest iOS updates.