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    InDesign file, being built on two computers, now will not open on either; "You may not have permission or the document may be open already,"error on both.

    unauthorizedrob Level 1

      I have been working on a project in InDesign, from two separate iMacs.  The image files are split between the two hard drives.  I have gone trough trouble shooting, trashed the old preferences,  renamed the hard drive on one of the machines, changed all relevant permissions to read&write, but the problem persists.  The file shows up in the Finder  (it resides on one machine, accessed through a network connection on the other machine), but I cannot open it.


      I do see a "~garden-02~vogyx_.idlk" file which I understand may indicate the file is locked, but I have not found any suggestions on whether or not to trash that file.


      We are both on iMacs, with different configurations, both running Sierra 10.12.26.



      Thanks for any help.