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    Can I restrict access to my account based on IP?



      I'm considering purchasing Adobe XD.


      However, I want to restrict access to our accounts based on IP.

      In particular, I want to make our accounts that only my company's IP address can login.


      Is it possible …?


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          Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

          There are a few things to keep in mind:

          • Adobe XD is still in public beta, but is not considered a final release yet
          • If you're a Creative Cloud member, you get access to Adobe XD. I don't believe it's available for purchase separately (at least not yet until it's moved out of beta).
          • I don't think you can restrict Creative Cloud logins to an IP, but that would be a good question to post in the Adobe Creative Cloud forum (it's not specific to XD). From what I know, anyone with the username and password can log in (but it's possible I could be missing some functionality of business accounts which I haven't dealt with).


          I hope that helps.