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    Puppet online preview & triggers


      Hey Adobe ( or anyone who may know the answer ),


      Just wondering if there is a feature for Character Animator, where you can package up the puppet and send it to a preview platform (website) for people who do not have the program, so they can manipulate and play with the puppet and use it's trigger keys etc...


      I made a fully functional puppet with triggers this week (your tutorials rock, I learnt this program so I could make a character of my dad for his birthday as he loves animation) and would love to send said puppet to family members and friends as it would be great for them to see him and play around with the features. but unfortunately they don't have CA.


      Any preview system available for them to do this?


      Would be really cool to have that feature in the future, would you consider this if it is not a feature?


      Thanks guys,


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Not yet, but I agree - having more ways to interact and play with puppets makes a lot of sense. We haven't announced anything at this time, but it's not too hard to imagine that happening one day,


          Yes, currently CH is the only way to use them. For some people I tell them to just download the 7-day free trial and just use Stream mode (least complex of the modes).

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            scotte57842618 Level 1

            Perhaps Adobe could make an app that can operate the puppet file. It could even be a one off paid for app, so we can create characters for customers. The designers will still be using Character Animator but the customers arent put off by a monthly subscription to use their character.