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    Has anyone tried/documented APIs in Robohelp 2017?

    Tejas Dandekar Level 1

      I have a scenario where currently there is a 300 pages MS Word document with API documentation. Currently we convert the word to a PDF and release it as an API Guide/Web Services Guide.


      Maintaining this information in a word is tedious.


      Has anyone used Robohelp for documenting APIs? Are there any recommended best practices/suggested templates/tips and tricks to document APIs in Robohelp?

      The output is not yet decided yet if we want t Webhelp/PDF/CHM. But it shall be one of these three.


      Any suggestions/pointers would be helpful.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I haven't documented an API but I do have a good knowledge of RoboHelp.


          It's difficult to respond without some knowledge of the structure of your current document. Would I be right in thinking it probably consists largely of tables with items in one column and then some more columns that explain functionality? Could you post a screenshot or send me something offline via my site?


          Would I also be right in thinking that certain items are repeated in various locations throughout the document? RoboHelp can certainly help there as you would create a variable in one place and then insert it where needed. Updates would then just need one amendment to change it in all locations.


          Give us a bit more information and hopefully I or someone else can assist.


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