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    Cant understand relationship between Files, Library and Lightroom?

    masplin Level 1

      Hi I'm new to CC and really confused about how to use these different aspects of CC.


      I've worked out if I click the squiggly arrow in lightroom next to a collection they appear in the "Lightroom" section of CC.   However from here i don't seem to be able to do much with them them. I can sent it as a tiny thumbnail by email, but that seems about all. to send a full size image seems to involve saving to device. Is that really what you have to do?


      On other other hand I have a D500 connected to my device by snapbridge. i uploaded from my camera to snapbridge then from snapbridge to CC, but it appears in "Files".  i can see anyway to get it into lightroom?  Can you add files taken on the device uploaded back to a collection in lightroom?


      Under "Library" I managed to upload my snapbridge image, but no idea what I do now to get it into lightroom???


      so far i cant see this is a useful tool to connect camera, device and desktop Lightroom, but assume that was one of purposes. Is there an idiot guide?


      Thanks for any advice