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    Automatically reorder reading order?

    michael gn.

      Hello, I have a document processed with OCR and reading order is wrong: it jumps from the 1rd row to the last and then to erratically aranged reading order tags. The document also has side notes which mix up the reading order even more.

      Use of Acrobat manual tools ( Touch Up Reading Order) is time consuming. Is there a tool which can automatically renumber reading order, for example - from right to left and from top to bottom? For side notes also?



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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          One thing you might want to try is to delete the document's tagging, and ask Acrobat to "Add Tags to Document".  I have found that this process will never give you a wonderfully tagged doc, but it does make what Acrobat considers a 'best guess' at tagging the document, based on a right to left, and top to bottom strategy.




          Please do this experiment with a copy of your document, or use the Save as... function first.  Tagging can sidestep the undo capabilities of Acrobat, and you can find yourself in a hole quickly!


          Good luck,