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    Call Actions (Sequences) from Another Actions

    Sudha K Level 1



           I need to call one action from another action. How can I call action from javascript code?? For eg.,


           The following code is a general outline of how you can insert Begin Job and End Job code: it uses global.counter to detect the beginning of the job and uses another global variable global.FileCnt, which is set earlier by another batch sequence that counts the number of files to be processed, see Count PDF files, to detect the end of the job.


      ACTION 1:  Count PDF Files Sequence Code


      /* Count PDF files */

      if ( typeof global.FileCnt == "undefined" ) global.FileCnt = 0;



      ACTION 2 : Begin and End job code for batch process



      // Begin job

      if ( typeof global.counter == "undefined" ) {

           console.println("Begin Job Code");

           global.counter = 0;

           // insert beginJob code here




      // Main code to process each of the selected files

      try {


           console.println("Processing File #" + global.counter);

           // insert batch code here.


      } catch(e) {

           console.println("Batch aborted on run #" + global.counter);

           delete global.counter; // Try again, and avoid End Job code

           event.rc = false; // Abort batch


      // End job

      if ( global.counter == global.FileCnt ) {

           console.println("End Job Code");

           // Insert endJob code here


           // Remove any global variables used in case user wants to run

           // another batch sequence using the same variables

           delete global.counter;




      I got the above code when I searching.  In that they have said need to call Count PDF Files action before call Begin and End job Action.  But I don't how to call.  Can anyone help to how to merge these two sequences??



      - Sudha K