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    Can I choose colours in Library for Prefs


      Hi apologies if this seems a basic or previously answered question but I need some help that I've not managed to find elsewhere.


      I create a colour lets say 'Special Red' in my document and add it to 'My Library' so it is available. Now I go to my InDesign Preferences and choose 'Grids' or 'Guides and Pasteboard' for example and then want to change my grids or guides colours to the 'Special Red' created in My Library. So I go to Custom Colour but I don't want to remake 'Special Red' for each I just want to load it from My Library. With some colour choices (top row) I have the option to File-Open from the cog which looks like is the way to do it but I can't locate My Library.


      Any help/pointers please !!