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    Adelle PE


      I work with someone who is also on uses typekit. We have used Adelle for some time now. All of the sudden Adelle is not available on my Creative Cloud and has forced me to change to Adelle PE. Yet my coworker still has access to Adelle but not Adelle PE. It is a pain to send them files because they have to change the font every time. What is going on?


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          Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I'm sorry that you ran into trouble with this. Would you please email support@typekit.com and cc your colleague, so we can take a look at both Typekit accounts and figure out why you are seeing this mismatch?


          Thanks very much,

          -- liz

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            what's the difference b/w the Adelle  and Adelle PE fonts? thanks.

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              Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

              Adelle PE is a newer version of the Adelle family. The "PE" stand for Pan-European: the update added Monotonic Greek and Cyrillic language support to this family.



              -- liz

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                deyut48539598 Level 1

                thanks for the answer.

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                  I and my coworkers have the same issue. My typekit lists Adelle (no PE) as the synced font, but the when actually used it in documents, I am forced to select Adelle PE. Really strange. My coworkers cannot seem to get the Adelle PE option for syncing and do not have the Adelle PE option available for selection when working on documents. This is a really strange occurrence. Does anyone have any solutions?

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                    My team and I are also experiencing a problem with Adelle PE; it simply no longer syncs from Typekit, even though it says that Adelle PE is available to sync from Typekit. It just hangs and then does nothing.


                    As with the original poster, we have used this font on a legacy projects and now are in a position where we are considering purchasing multiple licenses of the font so we can continue to work on the project. An unfortunate glitch.

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                      Hi folks, Adobe botched Adelle by adding the PE into the font name in some way where it sometimes shows up under PE and sometimes not. I've found the only way to fix this is to do it on a per-user basis (if you share a computer with multiple users, each individual computer users account will need to go through this process).


                      1. Go to the Typekit website, find Adelle, and unsync all variants of it.

                      2. Open the document that is using the variants of Adelle and have the application sync those (for me this was opening my document in InDesign).


                      That should permanently fix the issue for that individual user. I found I had to have the application I was using (InDesign) trigger the sync, simply unsyncing and syncing on the Typekit website did not help, nor did turning on and off Typekit within the Creative Cloud sync app.