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    Rejected because? Too morbid? Reason was "NON-COMPLIANT IMAGE"


      Hi there,


      My Illustration got at first put into the reminder section, because the property release was missing. Shortly after it was rejected because of an "non-compliant image" issue.


      So far so good. If it's just about the content, then I understand. I was actually testing out if content like my artwork would even be considered on Adobe Stock. But then I looked up some of the posts on here and found this question: NON-COMPLIANT IMAGE???


      The staff member MatHayward states: "If an image is improperly indexed it is initially put in "remind to complete" mode so the contributor can make the necessary changes. If the same image is resubmitted and the problem remains the file is then rejected with the reason non-compliant"


      This left me a bit confused and unsure of the reason why the image of my work got rejected. It would be great if one of you could clarify this to me. As I mentioned, the subject matter of the image would not surprise me to get rejected. But I'm not sure if I may as well have not submitted a good enough copy quality wise?


      Thank you


      File ID: 164536825