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    Forward Sort Order in Lightroom Mobile Public Wrong

    jabraham Level 1

      There is strange problem where my Lightroom Mobile public galleries refusesto sort in a capture time order in the forward direction. BUT if I click the sort button near the top right (again, in the Public web gallery, without being signed in) the reverse sort is in reverse capture time order.


      So, to summarize, in the public web gallery, forward sort is custom order, and reverse sort is reverse capture time order. 


      Two questions:


      1) Surely this is a bug, can anyone else confirm?  I've deleted the gallery and created a new one and get the same behaviour.  I've also checked a few other galleries and can confirm that forward order is not the opposite of backwards order.


      2) How can I easily change the custom order to be the capture time order?  Then it wouldn't matter, the public wouldn't see the problem.  Doing it manually by dragging a few hundred pictures into capture time order is not a good option.