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    WaterMark And non jpeg file


      I have been using adobe stock and photoshop and i have acquired two problems.


      1. I have purchased an extended licence for a photo and the watermark has not been removed. I do not have an answer for it. I have downloaded it however cannot open it because it is an (aips) file  which is for illustrator. I need the watermark removed.


      2. i have purchased an (AIPS) image and every time i drag it from libraries to a blank canvas it says not enough ram. I would like to fix this even though i have found a way around it.


      Please answer question one as all the other images i have brought the watermark has been removed however i have purchased this one and it has not been removed. i have also checked in my license history and it says the picture is licensed.


      [Since this is not a question about installing a program, I moved it to the Stock forum... Mod]