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    Looking for a Script to Search and Replace Linked Images


      I know very little about writing scripts, so I'm looking for some help with this.


      We use InDesign CC 2014 on Macs to create 30 catalogs, each with thousands of placed/linked images. The problem is that the originally placed images might or might not have file names that match the part numbers they represent (which is the way we currently name the image files) because they are old images and the part numbers have been changed. Because we have had new images created for many of the parts but the files were saved using the new part numbers, I'm looking for a script that will find a part number in the InDesign file (they all have a two-digit prefix then a dash then either five or six digits, then a tab), search within a directory for a file that has the same name as the part number, and replace the existing image that's linked to it with the new one. The new images should all be tiffs, but some might be eps. If there is no new image file, then it should leave the existing linked image as is.


      I'm not sure if this is even possible because I'm not sure if a script can determine whether or not an image is linked to text, but it's worth a shot to ask.


      I can give someone a sample InDesign file if needed. I'd like to know if this is possible and what it would cost to have it written.