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    After Effects interface laggy


      I recently moved to a Windows 10 Desktop computer and on that After effects only reacts very sluggishly.


      For example, holding the spacebar and then moving the viewport (or the timeline) only works with stutters. When I preview something the Ae renderer does not seem to be able to keep up and produces black lines in the timeline (screenshot attached); and even the playback itself is lagging. Pretty much all aspects of Ae are affected by the lag.


      My system:

      Ryzen 1800x

      16GB Ram

      Nvidia GTX 1080

      Samsung 850 evo

      MSI X370 Mainboard

      (I didn't do any overclocking)


      I initially thought that I was missing an important driver or that I made a mistake when applying the thermal paste. But all drivers are up to date (I have installed: AMD Chipset drivers 17.10, the latest MSI mainboard drivers, Geforce Game Ready drivers 384.94, and the latest version of Windows 10 pro). When using the After effects the CPU also never gets hotter than about 35 degrees. Plus, games seem to be running fine: I tried running Shadow of Mordor at 4K with max details and there was no issue whatsoever. 


      I also noticed that Illustrator takes weirdly long to export files as png files and the interface does not respond while the png file is being created. Cinema 4D seems to be running fine as far as I can tell.


      I only really worked on Macs before, so chances are I just forgot to add one important driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Ae lines timeline.png

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          chris.zuarin Level 1

          Okay, I partly solved it myself:

          The issue arises due to the DPI scaling of Windows 10 (right-click on the desktop -> display settings -> Change the size of text, apps...). I previously had the settings at 175%, once I changed them to 100% and restarted the computer, Ae became considerably more fluid and the black lines disappeared entirely.


          The downside, unfortunately, is that everything is tiny and basically unusable. So far the compromise seems to be to use 150% DPI scaling, which causes some sluggishness but still less than originally; and still no black lines.


          An odd thing here is that when scrolling horizontally in the timeline, things are fluid (both at 100% and 150%), however, in both cases stuttering appears once I scroll vertically.