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    best external drives: thunderbolt vs firewire


      hi people,


      I use a number of external drives, connected to my 2011 iMac,

      for video production.  Most are USB2, a couple are Firewire 800,

      and more recently, a Thunderbolt drive.


      My write / read speeds for the drives are about like this:


      USB:  23 / 30

      FIREWIRE:  70 / 60

      THUNDERBOLT:  150 / 140


      these are megabytes per second i believe.


      I can get by editing HD video, just using the USB2 drives,

      but obviously, there's some playback issues if I'm using 2 or 3

      camera shoots in a timeline.


      I'm thinking of trying out the firewire drives, but someone tole me

      that firewire can only communicate in one direction, therefore not

      good for video work.  is this true?


      The thunderbolt drive is brand new and I have not yet

      tried it out for video work, but am thinking that it will be

      the best, and I can simply use the older drives for archives.


      thanks for any comments.


      (I'm using mostly AVCHD & XAVC-S in HD resolution)