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    DNG files.  Unable to add tags/keywords




      Until recently I used to shoot all my photos as JPEGS, and while using Lightroom I would add tags/keywords to all my JPEG images.  These tags/keywords were then easily read by any application I wanted and if I used Windows "File Explorer" I could see those tags/keywords in the JPEG file properties.


      In October I decided to take all my images in RAW and then use Lightroom 5 to save/export the RAW images as DNG images.  My problem is that I can not find a way to save tags/keywords to my newly converted DNG files.  As long as I keep the catalogue upto date then I can see the tags/keywords in Lightroom 5.  But I can not find a way to save the tags/keywords to the actual DNG files.


      Today I used a piece of software called EXIF Pilot and I was able to add tags/keywords to my DNG images.  I then was able to import those DNG files to Lightroom and see the tags/keywords.  I was also able to see the tags/keywords when I used Windows File Explorer and looked at the properties of the DNG files.


      In the catalogue settings and the metadata tab I can confirm that I have ticked "Automatically write changes into XMP".


      Is there any way that I can save tags/keywords to my DNG files?