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    How do I remove images from the LR catalog that I can't find in the catalog?

    Tea man

      I am on a Mac using LR 2015.12 release.

      I found a folder of images on my Desktop that were taken with a loaned camera back in April 2015.  I looked in my LR catalog for those photos to see if they were imported. I could not find them based on my standard naming convention and filing methodology of using a year folder, month subfolder, topic subfolder and file renaming to YYYYMM_IMG_nnnn.CR2 format. I then did some Text searches on the file names of some of the photos, using partial string for just the IMG_nnnn value but found nothing.


      I tried to import the photos using the Move option so as to move the photos from their Desktop location so that they will end up in my Pictures/2015/April folder. But LR says the photos already exist in my catalog! The Import button is grayed out, as are all the photos. The Check All and Uncheck All buttons are grayed out. I could uncheck the Don't Import Suspected Duplicates but based on other threads of a similar topic, that apparently is a bad idea since LR catalog is a database and having dupe records in the database is a bad idea.


      So the photos on my Desktop folder already are in the LR catalog but I can't find them when browsing or searching the catalog. How can I find them??

      Once I find them I can move the photos from the Desktop to the proper place. These photos were never renamed to follow my naming convention mentioned above so re-importing them would be good except only if I can first remove these photos from the catalog. But I can't remove what I can't find!


      Please help me determine how to resolve this dilemma.