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    LR 2015.12 crashes when importing files form network share


      After the update to version 2015.12 LR crashes when importing pictures from any network share. The same pictures on a local drive works perfect.


      If I watched the task manager I can see LR is allocation memory until no more memory is available - then it will crash. This process needs hours. I tried to import 300 jpeg/raw (10GB) and it needed about 12 hours until it crashed. My computer is quite fast (i7 8CPU @3.2G). The CPU load is approximately 12% ... very interesting. I don't know what LR it is exactly doing. It does almost nothing on the disc and the GPU and Network load is also very low. 


      I tried this on a different computer with a completly different Hardare, especially another graphic card (not ATI) -> same result. I also tried differnet grafic cards (Intel HD, ATI Radeion, Gibabyte NVidia) ... in the past I had some issues with ATI


      Network Share: mapped drive from Windows Server 2016

      Client OS: Windows 10 Build 1703 64 bit