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    DNG Converter 9.11 applies film simulation to Fuji X-T2 and X-T20 files

    tandooridan Level 1

      I discovered today when I used DNG converter to ingest some recent images from my X-T2 that the converter was applying the Acros simulation to the raw files. Until a few days ago it was processing them normally. I happened to still have some old images on the card that I had already converted successfully (i.e. in color with no simulation) and sure enough, when I ran them through DNG again, the converter applied the simulation to them, too. I solved the problem by updating to 9.12, but I feel this is a very serious bug that Adobe should be made aware of - if I was in the habit of deleting my images off the cards immediately following conversion, I would have been screwed. Anyone know what might have happened?