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    WebService vs. client Proxy and WebService faults


      We've made a website in flash which fetches content from an ASP.NET 2.0 WebService on another server. The WSDL is on the same server as the flash.

      When clients use the web site from behind a proxy, the service call fails. We've tried configuring one of our clients' proxy to ignore calls to the IPs of the servers, but there's no luck.

      When trying to find out what's wrong, Flash' webservice component reports "Unable to connect to endpoint" no matter what the exception is on the server side. (Yes, it does find a service and get a result, but it's a fault message, not a connection exception)

      Is there any way to find the correct exception, or configure the webservice component for use behind a proxy?
      (The flash is using ActiveScript 2.0 for compatibility reasons)