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    Qwertyfly's script function 'myTrace()', but can't find trace preset?

    clutch-cargo Level 1

      I found this script from a post 2 years ago from Qwertyfly.  Being so old I though I would post my issue in a new thread.  It appears to be exactly what want however when I run the script I always get the following error message "cannot find tracing preset that has been set in the script".  I have tried several of the default trace presets but always the same message.


      What I am doing is using a VBscript to load a TIFF file, I make sure the document is selected then call the myTrace script.  I also tried the script by having it in the Illustrator's File/Scripts folder and running it directly.  Same error message.  FYI, I am using Illustrator CS6.


      If Qwertyfly happens to see this or if someone can chime in that would be great.


      Here's the script.  I commented out the lines of code that play an action.   Just want to trace for now.


      function myTrace(){ 

          //-----User Set Variables------- 

          var Tracing_Preset = '16 colors';

          //var My_Action_Name = 'Rotate .5'; 

          //var From_Set_Name = 'MyActions'; 



              alert('cannot find tracing preset that has been set in the script'); 



          var doc = app.activeDocument; 

          var sel = doc.selection; 

          for(var i = 0; i<sel.length; i++){ 

              //if(sel[i] == '[RasterItem ]'){              //This line was quoted as a mistake and new line is below it.

                if(sel[i].typename == 'RasterItem'){     

                  var pic = sel[i].trace(); 


                  pic.tracing.expandTracing().selected = true;  



          // no test to confirm the action is present. make sure action name and set name are correct. they are case sensitive. 

          //app.doScript(My_Action_Name, From_Set_Name);    // don't want this Action to happen so commented out.



      // add indexOf prototype to Array's 

      Array.prototype.indexOf = function(needle) { 

          for(var i = 0; i < this.length; i++) { 

              if(this[i] === needle) { 

                  return i; 



          return -1;