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    Expand To Fill problem..!


      I drew a complex painting only with Line Tool, Pen Tool, Pencil Tool (size is 3px) then I selected all and try to convert these strokes into fill. After using "Expand to fill", some of strokes were disappeared.

      Can anyone explain to me how it work, please? Thanks!

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          _keyframer Adobe Community Professional

          Vectors can be finicky. The disappearing segments are probably due to the complexity of them overlapping each other in ways that once they are converted to shapes and expanded, certain segments overwrite others and then *poof* disappear. Try selecting the areas that disappear and cut/paste them to new layers and try again.

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            Preran Adobe Employee

            I checked with the team and they confirmed what _keyframer says.




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              Hi Preran, I've discovered that shapes don't have to be particularly complex to create (even inconsistent) conversion issues. I understand this has been a longstanding issue, but converting lines to fills is a very useful tool for our company, and can only be achieved through a laborious process of double clicking on a fill shape to select it's surrounding lines and converting to fills, then doing the same for the next shape area within the larger combined shape which is required to be converted. Even this can not work and individual lines need to be selected and converted or altered completely before continuing the process throughout the full images shapes.


              I have an example flash file that shows how inconsistent this tool can be.


              1. Original shapes in line form

              Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 18.07.45.png

              2. Lines converted to fills

              Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 18.08.24.png

              The process can be undone and tried again, giving a different result:


              3. Lines converted to fills (note the shape on the right)

              Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 18.08.48.png

              The shape on the right has only one line missing as opposed to the whole section being incorrectly filled.


              You can undo and convert lines to fill again to get the result found in 2, alternating between the two results.


              I hope this helps in some way to achieve a fully working or at least improved lines to fill conversion tool.


              I have the example file if anyone wishes it.


              This would save so much time and trouble if it were fully working. Thanks!