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    Expressions stop working after rendering CC2017

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      I have several Expression heavy projects that do everything from controlling text, swapping out colors, calculating the date and time and updating logos by choosing a specific frame in a precomp. Everything works great until I click the render button. The render itself is fine, but once the render is complete the expressions no longer work. Whatever values were entered before rendering are unable to be changed. It's almost as if they are "baked" in to the project somehow. The odd thing is that I can see some of the values changing in the layers, such as a color swatch, but it doesn't update in the composition window. The only way I can get the expressions to work again, is to close the project and then reopen it. I've tested the projects in CC2014 and they all work fine. Has anyone run into anything like this?


      Here are my workstation specs:

      MacOS 10.12.1

      Mac Pro (Late 2013) - 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

      32 GB Ram

      AMD FirePro D700



      Thanks in advance for your help!