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    Render fail/incomplete on OSX Sierra


      hi all


      I've recently upgraded to Sierra from Yosemite and my longer renders are failing.

      Anything over about an hour and half will fail to complete, and hang AE.

      I'm rendering PNG sequence to a folder on the same drive.
      Using the c4d engine in a lot of the comps, no 3rd party plugins.

      I thought it was the Energy Saver settings but I've checked those are set at the following:

      . turn off display after 3hrs

      . prevent computer from sleeping when the display is off

      . do not put hard discs to sleep when possible

      . wake for network access

      . do not start after power failure

      . do not enable power nap


      any ideas on another system setting I've overlooked that could be making my renders kind of time out?


      AE CC 14.2.1

      iMac 2013

      3.5 ghz i7

      32gb ram

      nvidia geforce gtx 775m 2gb