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    How to solve? Application purchased in one Adobe ID goes to another Adobe ID!




      I have a frustrating issue which Adobe customer support is unable to resolve after 3 days and is now pushing it to local resellers to sort out (and resellers are not keen to assist).



      I am paying for two accounts / Adobe IDs currently. One used by me and another by someone else (I'm sponsoring this other account). Both have Photoshop subscriptions currently and are paid for using a single, common credit card (mine).


      The sponsored account now requires Illustrator.

      When the sponsored account holder tries to purchase a plan (Illustrator) while correctly logged-in, the system switches to my account during payment ("Signed in as A" becomes "Signed in as B"). The result is that Illustrator goes into my Adobe ID instead! The other account holder is therefore not able to use it on his computer. I had to ask support to cancel and refund.


      What I have tried:

      - cleared cache, history, cookies etc before making the purchase

      - ensured that I was not logged in

      - subscribe to Illustrator from my computer

      - subscribe to Illustrator from the computer of the other account (also switches accounts just before payment)



      It is strange that the Adobe system switches from one account to another; and Adobe support has no clue what is going on or how to solve this issue.


      For the time being, I have dumped Illustrator and used another software to carry out the necessary work. But I would like to solve this issue since its a matter of time before another software is required and the same issue crops up.