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    What happens to my LR development adjustments when my computer dies?


      Firstly I am a photographer and not an I.T. guru.

      I have been using LR for many years and have an enormous library of photos that I have imported into LR.

      My photos are saved on an external hard drive. My computer and LR see this drive as my "G Drive".


      A few weeks ago I needed to buy a new card reader. When I plugged it in and imported photos from an SD into LR, my computer gave the SD card the "G Drive" name and changed my external hard drive to the "L Drive". As I import my photos into LR via the C Drive, it wasn't straight away that I picked up on the change in drive name. When I discovered the problem and couldn't access my photos on LR started researching about what happened. Eventually I fixed the problem, and my computer is back to normal.


      This little drama made me worried and I started to wonder what happens to my LR when/if my computer dies?

      If I buy a new computer, load LR and plug my external hard drive in, how will I access my development adjustments???? I am very worried.

      Can anyone spare me some advice please?