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    Error "Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working"


      I'm periodically getting an error "Adobe Acrobat DC has stopped working". The options I can then choose are:


      1. Check online for a solution and close the program
      2. Close the program


      When I choose 1. nothing happens, except that it closes.


      The Problem Event Name is BEX (Buffer Overflow Exception). Some googling has indicated that this error occurs in other applications, not just Adobe. What I have tried so far:


      1. a repair via Programs and Features
      2. adding the program to the DEP (Data execution prevention) exception list (which it turns out it CAN'T be added to because it must be turned on for this program)
      3. uninstall/reinstall


      The full error is:

      Problem Event Name:                          BEX

      Application Name:                             Acrobat.exe

      Application Version:                           15.6.30306.25331

      Application Timestamp:                     58dbf189

      Fault Module Name:                          cryptnet.dll

      Fault Module Version:                        6.1.7601.23769

      Fault Module Timestamp:                  58ee4776

      Exception Offset:                                00017318

      Exception Code:                                  c0000005

      Exception Data:                                   00000008

        OS Version:                                          6.1.7601.

      Locale ID:                                             3081

      Additional Information 1:                  a7aa

      Additional Information 2:                  a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d

      Additional Information 3:                  a7aa

      Additional Information 4:  a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d


      This is enormously disruptive to my work. Anyone have any ideas on this please? Windows 7, 64-bit.



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          I too have the very same problem. Thought latest update might fix that but no. It began with the update prior just after the first of the year. With no way to save the work when this happens sometimes hours of editing will get trashed. Is there NO ONE who can help with this?

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            sunup Level 1

            @Bonzoid. I'm sorry you're struggling with this too. I think this BEX error is what's known as a buffer overflow exception, and the cause for it could be literally anything.


            In my case, I've subsequently discovered that the cause of the issue for me was interference by my AV software: Trend OfficeScan. I'm in a corporate environment, and our IT made changes to Trend settings on the firewall, and since then it's actually caused no end of problems. For me, it caused my Acrobat DC to start crashing.


            (As an aside, the Trend update also locked my prefs.js file in Firefox, which meant that everytime I closed out of Firefox several new prefs.js files were created, each with a new number, eg prefs-1.js. I ended up with over 600 of them; there should only be one!)


            I solved the Acrobat issue by adding it to Trend's "Trusted Program" list (same with Firefox) on my local machine (using IT's password - HA!). This was after I uninstalled, rebooted, used the Adobe clean up tool, rebooted, unloaded my AV, reinstalled Acrobat, reloaded my AV.


            This all probably doesn't help solve it for you, unfortunately, but if it's something you haven't considered yet then you might want to investigate. Is your AV affecting it?

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              My DC continually "stops working."  Repair doesn't work as well as reinstall, is there a fix?

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                edwint2827 Level 1

                I am running Win 10.

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                  sunup Level 1

                  @edwint2827 - I don't know, I'm sorry. All I can do here in this instance is relate my own story in the hope that someone else may learn from it. Perhaps try to check if your own anti-virus software is interfering. Cheers.

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                    edwint2827 Level 1

                    I have uninstalled my antivirus and still have the problem.  I would like to find a product that works.  Mine fails when I scan, usually the second attempt on the second page. 



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                      sunup Level 1

                      edwint2827  - You don't say if you took any steps other than uninstalling your AV. You also don't say what operating system you have. My path to a resolution was taken on Win 7; I cannot speak for anything beyond that.


                      See if your AV has like a trusted application list, and add Acrobat to that.


                      Failing that, disable your AV, and uninstall Acrobat, then use Adobe's clean up tool to remove it completely (it may or may not find anything else to remove). You may be prompted to reboot after both of those steps. Do it, both times.


                      Then manually remove anything that may be still left behind, such as folders in Program Files or App Data. Reinstall Acrobat and test. Then if all is well you can enable your AV again.


                      I really can't say if any of that will work for you as it did for me, but being thorough and trying to start from a clean base is a good place to begin.


                      Good luck.

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                        edwint2827 Level 1

                        Thanks for the reply.  I had stated Win 10 on the forum, so I didn't restate it.  I will try your recommendations and see what happens. 


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                          edwint2827 Level 1

                           I've uninstalled the AV and still is crashing.  I also keep getting an error message when I shut down "LogTransport2.exe" 0xC 0000142, mean anything to you?  I've read and tried several options and still nothing.  My AV was Charter-Spectrum Security Suite, F Secure.




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                            I too had this problem.  I played hot-potato between Adobe and Fujitsu for over a week and finally figured out the problem.  Adobe needs the TWAIN driver installed.  I'm not a techie but after uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it and then making sure that the scanner selected was the scanner with the TWAIN driver, it has worked flawlessly.  Don't use the WIA driver.  Hope this helps you.

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                              sunup Level 1

                              edwint2827 Sorry for missing your mention of Windows 10. I don't know the shut down error you're getting, and would have to google it, just as you presumably have. I'm so sorry that what worked for me doesn't for you; how intensely frustrating for you. I wish I could help :\

                              If you have any luck with the suggestion from brendacpa regarding drivers I'd be interested to know.

                              I really hope you find a solution, best of luck.


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                                nick.rusch Level 1

                                Same issue here.  I'm on Win10 64bit.  I've re-installed Acrobat Pro, and I've experimented with my anti-virus app - turning it on/off and trusting Acrobat.  None of this has made any difference.  What I have noticed is going in and changing the scan settings via Acrobat will sometimes extend the length of time between crashes, but eventually Acrobat crashes at the conclusion of the optimization step post scan.  I suspect there is a bug in the Acrobat code working with the TWAIN drivers causing the buffer to overflow and crashing the app.

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                                  nick.rusch Level 1

                                  A quick follow-up and potential work around that has been working for me when scanning multiple documents -


                                  1. Do not close a previous scan.  Make sure you save the previous scan before performing the next scan.

                                  2. When creating the next pdf document using scan select the settings icon next to the document type you will be creating.  This will bring up a page to configure specific settings for the scan.  Do this even if the settings are what you want.

                                  3. From the settings page select output of "Create New PDF".  Note that if you have previously scanned documents open the default option for this setting is "Append to File".

                                  4. Execute the scan.


                                  A few notes -

                                  a. If you are appending a scan to an existing document DO NOT leave the document for which the new scan is being appended open.  It must be closed otherwise Acrobat will lockup hard.

                                  b. Continue to leave at least one previously scanned document open when scanning additional documents.  Don't forget to save the previously scanned documents just in case Acrobat crashes.


                                  Acrobat crashed only once while scanning multiple documents using this method.  Previously it would randomly crash after one, two or three scans.


                                  Looks like I was wrong in my earlier post about a bug in the TWAIN interface.  Appears memory isn't being cleared after a document is created, and when a new document is created there are problems with buffer overflows.  Somehow the steps identified above forces the memory to flush from the previous scan and readies the new scan preventing the crash.

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