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    Accidentally deleted fotos that were imported in Lightroom


      A few months ago I accidentally (and stupidly) deleted a folder with RAW files that were already imported in Lightroom. I didn't notice until today I tried to work with one of them and found out the file was missing. I know I can't recover the original RAW files, they're lost forever. However in the viewer of lightroom I still can see a picture with a pretty decent resolution (I know this because I zoomed into it) which I guess is the thumbnail (probably stored as a jpg or png) but I can't find a way to retrieve this pictures to a file (or even to get Lightroom to work with them as basically all tools are disabled when I try to edit them) My question is: how can I retrieve this photos that are still appearing in lightroom? Is there a way to get Lightroom to use them as if they were the original files?

      Thanks in advance