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    Binding data results from a webservice

      Hey all,
      I'm having some trouble trying to figure out how to display the results of my web service. I'm very new to flex...so here goes.

      I have a coldfusion webservice that runs a query. I do not pass in any parameters. The results are Chad, Mark, Chris. I then write those 3 names to an array called results. I then pass the array back. It looks like this.
      results[1] = Chad
      results[2] = Mark
      results[3] = Chris

      My Flex code looks like this...

      <mx:WebService id="get_projects" wsdl=" http://www.myurl.com/MyWebService.cfc?wsdl" useProxy="false">
      <mx:operation name="MyFunction">



      <mx:TextInput id="txt1" text="{get_projects.MyFunction.results[1].text}"/>

      I would have thought this would put "Chad" in the text box, but it doesn't. If I put just

      <mx:TextInput id="txt1" text="{get_projects.MyFunction}"/>

      I get "[object Operation]" in my text box.

      What am I doing wrong?