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    Internactive Flash Screen Blanks to Background Color When Mouse Pointer Enters


      The title pretty much says it all.    The video card is a Nvidia GT-710 with latest driver - date 7/18/2017 .  OS is Windows 10-64.   Flash is version NPSWF64_26_0_0_137.  The browser is Firefox ESR 52.2.1 (64 bit)


      As an example if you go to


      NWS radar image loop of Long Range Reflectivity from Boston, MA


      the screen displays fine until you move the mouse pointer in to the area to change a setting.  At the point the radar area turns a solid blue.  If you refresh the page the screen returns until the mouse pointer enters again.  You do not have to click a mouse button.  Just moving the pointer into the area blanks the screen and nothing happens regardless of the length of time screen is up until the mouse pointer enters.


      The same is true at other sites so it is not specific to NOAA sites