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    Colour reversal/negative effect


      hello all,

      have started using Premiere Elements this year, mostly for editing together timelapse clips into longer presentations. TLs ( done in LRTimelapse) Initially, no problems, using a mix of TL's rendered in both 1080 and 4K.  Also some regular video editing , using 1080 captured via Gopro. But a problem is absolutely crippling me now--some, or all, clips loaded as media show up with large black areas, and false colours. This was only occasional, to start with, and could be fixed by removing the clip from the project, then re-loading. But now, it is affecting everything I attempt. I am a using Win 10, on an i7 machine with 8meg of RAM. Raw footage is is stored on an external drive.  Attempting to render brings the same effect in the finished product.