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    Which program is better for drawing images to be printed on a shirt - Photoshop or Illustrator?

    CarlieBim Level 1

      My friend wants me to draw a digital design for him to print onto some shirts. I was going to use Photoshop to draw them as I am much more comfortable with Photoshop than Illustrator. I figure that it should be in 300 dpi and CMYK mode (because it will be printed) but I just wanted to confirm if I was right. However when I started googling, I started to doubt if I should use Photoshop. Should I use Illustrator? Is it better for this sort of project? Which is better for creating material that would be printed onto T-shirts? I will be drawing with a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. I asked him to ask the printery what format to submit the design in, like .ai, .psd, .jpeg, .tif etc.


      Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm still a beginner at these things.


      Thanks in advance.