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    Combining Word Files (2013) into a single PDF




      I have been dealing with your support team in relation to an issue combining Word files into a single PDF.  When I do this a Word error occurs and it tries to find a solution - which it never finds.


      Initially I had Microsoft 2010 on my machine and I was informed by your support team that the error was because of a Microsoft issue.  I have since upgraded to Office 2016 and the issue persisted.


      I see this is a common issue

      Adobe Acrobat Pro DC crashes when I combine PDF's


      I have now uninstalled Office 2016 and installed Office 2013.  The issue is persisting


      Is there any update in relation to this?




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          MGV1947 Level 1

          I have a similar problem.  Recently upgraded machine to Lenovo P50.  Bought Word 2016, and installed Adobe Pro X.  Had been using Word 2010 w no problems.  Word 2016 has a built in Adobe converter function for single files.  When I use the multiple file convert option from a directory, and select several files to convert to one document, I get an error message - Unable to find "Adobe PDF" resource files, Do you want to run the installer in repair mode? - I have run the repair, reinstalled the program a couple of times.  All to no avail.  If I convert the documents to PDF individually, can use the Combine the Supported Files function OK to combine the PDF files into one document.  Takes a lot of time to do individual conversions.  Can't figure out why the combine function does not work w Word documents. Problem same with old or new Word documents.  Tried w several older documents created w Word 2010.  Still not able to convert, get same error message.Capture.PNG



          Also, if I try to convert an individual Word file from a directory.  Also get an error message - Unable to find "Adobe PDF" Printer or Acrobat Distiller printer."     Any help would be appreciated.

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            MGV1947 Level 1


            I was able to find a solution on the Internet from Adobe.  This worked for me. 

            Remove Acrobat and Reader using an Acrobat Cleaner Tool, then reinstall Acrobat from Adobe website.

            R click the link and "open link in new window"     Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs

            Check the box "By downloading the software...

            Scroll down and find your version of Acrobat.

            Uninstall the Acrobat program.

            Do this again and uninstall the associated Acrobat Reader program.

            The uninstall will remove all traces of Acrobat and reset the registry to whatever was there before Acrobat.

            It removes tool preferences, so these will need to be added. 

            However, if you have set custom stamps, these remain.

            R click link and Go to Download Pro or Standard versions of Acrobat DC, 2017, XI, or X

            Reinstall you program, trial version.

            Log into your Acrobat Account on the Adobe ID window and find you installed products.

            Copy the serial number for your product.

            Enter the serial number in the Acrobat product to restore full version.

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              MGV1947 Level 1

              Hi Rajashree


              I found the same solution and it worked.


              The cleaner program must remove and restore to original all registry entries as well as all software.


              Reinstalled Acrobat X Pro and everything works as it should.


              Thank you for the follow-up.






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                t1350 Level 1

                I started having the same problem recently. I tried using the 'cleaner' and it didn't work. I also tried removing and reinstalling Word at the same time as removing/reinstalling/cleaning Acrobat, and that didn't solve the problem either.

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                  AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hello T,


                  Sorry for the delayed response and inconvenience caused. Please install the latest update/patch of Acrobat from help>check for updates, reboot the machine after installing the updates and see if this brings any difference.


                  As you mentioned that you tried reinstalling Acrobat and Office, but the issue still persists, please create a new test user profile with full admin rights and try with Acrobat.


                  Let us know how it goes and share your findings.



                  Anand Sri.