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    Profile paper on Adobe’s unique innovations DUPLICATE


      I am a Graduate Student at the University of Maryland, and I am working on a company profile paper, and I chose Adobe. I have been using Adobe products for more than a decade and a half. I admire Adobe as a company, and I chose to write a profile paper on Adobe’s unique innovations for my studies.

      I would like to ask you few questions on how Adobe encourages innovation, nothing thorough, just general insights from experience. Below are the questions:


      - What makes Adobe so unique in innovating new tools and products,

      - is it the collaboration?  Is it employees and talents?  Is it culture?

      - How does Adobe nurture collaboration?

      - How does Adobe encourage and support innovations?

      - What makes Adobe unique in maintaining an unparallel competitive edge?

      - Where does Adobe get this genius creativity?

      - How do ideas come to life at Adobe?

      - If there is a superpower at Adobe, looking at Adobe's innovation timeline, what is it?


      Your contribution and feedbacks will be highly appreciated.








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          If I were you I would pick a really admirable company instead of Adobe.  Adobe does not have support or billing in America - all of it is in India - recently I spent several hours trying to get a simple answer - but had to spell my company name 20 times letter by letter to the India Call center representatives.  I gave up and call the San Jose corporate office and was put on hold by receptionist for 20 minutes (must have trainer her in India).  When she finally came back she told me there was 'no one here that can talk with you - you need to call our support line.'  I explained I HAD called and spent three hours on hold and got nowhere so she said 'Call back and as for a supervisor.'  I asked:'Is this correct: Adobe has no customer support and billing support in the United States - it is all handled in India.'  She said "Yes that is correct.'  I then said: 'So it is fair to say that Adobe thinks so poorly of its business clients in America it contracts all its billing and customer support to a country where English is a second language?'  She hesitated then said 'Yes.'  I said GOODBYE.

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            einsr4572928 Level 1

            Thanks, Stansburyp,

            I agree with the customer support, I tried many times to reach out to them with no success.

            I think they need to step up their game on the customer support.

            I have questions though, how did they pull off these creative tools that we use and benefit from?

            is it the talents on their teams? is it culture at Adobe? how do they come up with these creative ideas?

            Do you have any idea?

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              Stansburyp Level 1

              I think the creative tools they created are great.  And there was once a culture putting its customers first. A lot of talent went into designing their Adobe products - but when the company decided to essentially stop selling its products and lease them out instead - they lost touch with their customers - and after my experience at their home office - where I begged to speak with anyone who cared about their customers and was told 'there is no one here to talk to' - I think the culture that created the Adobe products no longer exists - several years ago when I had an issue with a Adobe  program help was quick and reliable - now?  Eternal waits, difficult communication and poor quality.  Two of my calls to support had to be done again since the connection with India was so poor neither of us could understand the  other. I do hope Adobe reads this stuff and realizes for every existing client they lose they they will lose more potential clients.  I am exploring the offering of CorelDraw now - and find them almost as advanced as Adobe - and ahead of them in a couple of areas...