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    What, exactly, does "Advanced Tagging" do?

    Baron600 Level 1

      I know that "Enable Advanced Tagging" uses Microsoft Word styles to name tags, but what benefits does it give? (Personally, I find the use of styles as tag names annoying and prefer the default tag names, which are easier to scan in the Tags tree.)


      Another web source mentioned that Adobe recommended using Advanced Tagging for Word forms. But why? What does that accomplish? And why doesn't Adobe put better info online about such options?

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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          I found this description, which may be of some help:


          "'Advanced tagging' changes the way that certain page elements are defined (table cells, boxes, lines, etc.), which makes conversion of 'visual' fields into Acrobat PDF forms more reliable. You must have the 'Enable Accessibility and Reflow with tagged Adobe PDF' option turned on as well, or tags aren't created at all."


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