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    Keep animated graphics looping at the end of a scene?

    Rothgarr Level 1

      Hi there. I'm new, please forgive me if I refer to any application features incorrectly...


      I created around 20 animated looping library graphics in Adobe Animate CC. I set them up like this example:


      (in this example the coins repeatedly drop into the piggie bank)


      I added them to my "Scene 1" timeline. As the playhead in Scene 1 advances, I have the individual animations fading in and growing, one at a time, a new one added about every 20 frames until the playhead gets to the end of the scene. So by the last frame I have 20 simple animations looping. The main "Scene 1" timeline is 450 frames. So my Scene 1 looks something like this:


      (In the screenshot above, half the icons have appeared as the indicator moves from left to right)


      The problem is, when the playhead gets to the end of "Scene 1" (frame 450), all the individual animations stop.


      My question is, how do I keep all those individual looping animations going forever, even though it's at the end of the Scene? Is this possible? Or have I approached this incorrectly?